Friday, January 15, 2010

Doctor Who Series 5 preview trailer

We finally have a solid official preview of the new Doctor in action. Like just about every jaded fanboy out there, my first impression of this guy was that he looked like a low-rent version of the forehead kid from the Twilight films. Upon closer inspection and confirmation from the hetrosexual female who lives with me, there is a resemblance, but he's much less attractive. That's enough for me to deny him the title of "pretty boy". That in itself is good news. So what else is on display here? Elizabethan vampires play a prominent role, so I'll be looking for them in an early episode. That doesn't really help dismiss the idea that this series is going to start making a serious play for the female teen audience. There's also bit of assistant kissing. Helping matters for the boys is the fact that said assistant is just about the cutest one that we've seen in... well, possibly ever. Apparently she's a cop, so those of us who remember, might get to relive some of that old X-Files cute redhead weilding a handgun action.
Also glimpsed are two distinct Daleks. Curiously enough one seems to be dressed in army fatigues as the Doctor wails on it with a large pipe wrench. The other is only seen in a straight on extreme close up of the eye stalk, but it is clearly of a new design with a white dome, reminiscent of the Imperial Daleks of the 1980's.
Several jobber monsters are also seen including Lizardmen, a scary rotating toy head and a spooky cloak lady. The most unlikely match up looks to be The Weeping Angles in what the clips imply is a confrontation with a military unit in the sewer. Best of luck there boys.
Not much of the 11th Doctor's actual acting is on display, but from what's there and other clips of him I've seen around, he's ok. He does the confident Doctor strut well, and does a good job of seeming in control in those ever present low angle push ins. What troubles me is that the Russel T. Davies obsession with saddling the Doctor(s) with catch phrases seems to still be in full effect, and this one's is "Geronimo!" I'm not suggesting that Doctor should stop reversing the polarity of the neutron flow or banging on the Tardis console, but there was a point in the last series when it seemed that the Doctor was "sorry, so sorry" about every person place and thing that he met.
I'm past the point in my nerddom where I wanted everything to be bad just so it can confirm my worst expectations. In accordance with some advice I was once given, I still expect little, and allow myself to be pleasantly surprised, but I do secretly hope for the best.

The Series 5 trailer is up on the BBC's YouTube channel.
(someone should really straighten the Brits out on this whole series/ season business.)

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